8th Speech in Noise Workshop, 7-8 January 2016, Groningen

Coming to Groningen

There are direct flights from most big cities to Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) airport. From there, direct trains to Groningen are available every hour, making the connection in about 2h. The train station in Schiphol is located in the airport itself. Tickets can be bought from machines or cashier in the airport (€26.20 one-way, 2nd class). Check ns.nl for timetables.

Coming from London, it is also possible to fly directly to Groningen Aiport Eelde from London Southend airport. The company flybe is operating this connection. Eelde is very close to Groningen.

Finally, it is also possible to fly to Bremen in Germany, and drive or take a coach from there. The ride takes under 2h.

Het Kasteel

The two workshops will take place at Het Kasteel, which is located just 10-min walking from the city center.

From Groningen Airport Eelde, the conference center can be reached either by taxi, or by bus (line number 2) towards 'Groningen Noord via Eelde' and get off at the stop 'Nieuwe Ebbingestraat', which is a 10-min walk from Het Kasteel. Walking directions are available on Google Maps.

From Groningen Main Station, you can take either bus 6 (towards Station Noord via Vinkhuizen) or bus 9 (towards Station Noord via Selwerd) and get off at stop 'Verlengde Visserstraat'.

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place on Friday the 8th of January at De Sleutel. To attend the dinner you need to have registered for it here. Please be at the restaurant at 18:30. The address is: Noorderhaven 72, Groningen. If you have any dietary requirement, please email info@spin2016.nl.

Local transportation

From Groningen Central station, the hotels can be reached by taxi or by bus:

  • Taxi: Taxis are located in front of the station, to the left. In case you have special needs or want to book your taxi, here are contact numbers of a few companies:
    • Taxi Groningen: +31 50 541 8452
    • Taxi Noord: +31 50 549 4940
    • Taxi VTG: +31 50 301 5222
  • Bus: bus stops are located to the right when exiting the station. Tickets cost €2.00 and can be bought in the bus, but you need to have the exact change. Timetables and travelling details can be obtained from 9292.nl or from Google Maps .
  • Bikes: Bikes are very popular in the Netherlands, and since Groningen is a cosy city, you can get anywhere very easily by bike. Renting a bike may be cheaper than using the bus. You can rent bikes at very low prices from the Dutch train stations (website in Dutch only). Explanation in English can be found here.


Below you can find a list of hotels sorted in increasing price range:

Low price range

Mid price range High price range You can also check out airbnb. They may have good offers.

Here are the addresses of the important locations:

Conference and meeting center Het Kasteel
Melkweg 1
9718 EP Groningen
Station Groningen
Stationsplein 26
9726 AE Groningen
Groningen Airport Eelde
Machlaan 14a
9761 KT Eelde

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